Hong Kong: Stanley Ho, a casino billionaire known as the "gambling king" who made Macau the world's most famous gambling center, died in a Hong Kong hospital on Tuesday at the age of 98.

"With sadness, we must announce that our father, Stanley Ho, has died," said Hoa's eldest daughter, Angela, to reporters at the Hong Kong Hospital and Hospital.

"Although we know this day is coming, it does not relieve us of our grief," Angela said. Our father will be there in the hearts of our family members, all the people he helped and everyone he inspired ”to be accompanied by other family members.

Born in a wealthy Hong Kong tribe in 1921, Ho studied in the British colony until the Japanese invasion forced him to flee to neighboring Portuguese islands, where he established his gaming empire with the Great. Hong Kong billionaire Henry Fok ៕ By: Chhouk Bora