Koh Kong: Koh Kong Provincial Department of Environment urges homeowners in cities and districts to implement environmental protection contracts Done with the provincial environment department, otherwise the environment department will take legal action.

Mr. Mam Phalla, Director of Koh Kong Provincial Department of Environment, noted that the people who own the houses for raising the ears did not comply with the contents of the environmental protection contract. What they have done in the past with the provincial environment department. According to the director of the Department of Citizens, who has built a house to raise radishes for a long time, has not yet signed a contract to protect the environment. But for the people who did it later, they all made environmental protection contracts. As for the effects of raising otters, the most important is noise.

He said: "The impact of raising otters is the sound is the first point, other than the residue of the earwax seems to be useless. It does not matter because the owner has managed to take care of the earwax and he sells the lipstick as a budget.

However, according to Mr. Mam Phalla, urging the people to implement this contract, he did not set a specific time for people to participate in the implementation of the protection contract. Environment or have not yet completed the environmental protection contract procedure, although the Koh Kong Provincial Department of Environment plans to take legal action.

Mr. Mam Phalla did not confirm the number of earmarks that did not comply with the environmental protection contract. Few have not complied with environmental protection contracts.

"We do not block him, we will always accept him as long as they join the cooperation to make a defense contract," he said. Environment. For those who have made a contract and must implement the contract that they have already made. "In case of repeated instructions not to follow, we take legal action."

According to the announcement of the Koh Kong Provincial Department of Environment on the promotion of the implementation of environmental protection contract for the construction of the house on December 7 is the content of Under the environmental protection contract, the host party must ensure complete silence from 7 pm to 6 am so as not to disturb Affect the neighbors.

The notice also told the homeowners to raise the ears that did not complete the environmental protection contract procedure to complete the law. Environmental protection contract method as soon as possible from the date of this notice.

Mr. Viravuth, Director of the Provincial Department of Land Management, Urban Planning, Construction and Cadastral Affairs, said: “There are houses in Koh Kong province. The law is valid, but except in protected areas and areas where the state has not yet passed the law to the people. Well, we do not dare to issue a law for them.

Sok Sothy, deputy governor and spokesman for the Koh Kong provincial administration, said yesterday that the provincial administration had issued instructions not to build earplugs. In the town no longer from the middle of 2019, even in the city or district. He said: "People can build a house to raise the ears, we think that 2 km or more from the town, depending on the situation. "Obviously the size of the town."

Mr. Suy Kok Thean, an expert in building ear-rings, supports the Koh Kong Provincial Department of Environment, which advises residents not to have a recording between 7pm and 7pm. 6 a.m. He noted that most radish breeders often make loud noises that disturb their neighbors while making loud noises. Not useful for attracting radish animals.

"It has a sound that can be heard, it sounds beautiful, it does not pierce the ears and has its volume," he said. When we make a loud noise, the ears seem to play for a moment, and then they fly away. Come to the sound of loud shots.

According to Kok Thean, raising catfish does not affect the environment, because this is a conservation contribution to raising without the use of chemicals. Manure can be used for cultivation.