Phnom Penh: At least eight people were slightly injured in five fires across the country during the five days of the holiday. However, there are only five cases in this province, as officials say the cause was an electric shock, a gas canister explosion and a house fire. Myself 1 case.

Mr. Neth Vantha, Director of the Fire Prevention and Rescue Police Department of the National Police General Commission, said yesterday that from 17 to 17 On August 21, during the holidays, there were five fires across the country, injuring eight people.

He said the fires occurred in Stung Treng, Kep, Siem Reap, Sihanoukville and Kandal provinces. The cause was an electric shock, a gas canister exploded and a house set on fire. The accident destroyed three houses, a handicraft factory and a kiosk, and slightly injured eight people.

"Eight people with minor injuries were not seriously injured," he said. "There were no casualties when the fire broke out. Our forces intervened immediately and could not leave it for long."

According to the report of the Fire Prevention and Rescue Police Department of the General Commission of the National Police on August 19, there was a fire in the house. One house on August 18 in Treang village, Sangkat Slor Kram, Siem Reap province.

According to the report, the owner of the house, Khun Mao, a 63-year-old housewife, lost a 5×7-meter wooden house with a board wall. Zinc roof, but no injuries. Officials intervened to extinguish the fire using seven vehicles and five trucks using water. The cause is due to electric shock.

In another case, a fire broke out in a house measuring 6×9 meters, made of wood, zinc, and walls in Village 1, Tumnup Rolok Commune, Stung Hav District, Preah Sihanouk Province. Caused by a man named In Rath Thea, 35 years old (insufficient memory) was the child of a housewife who set fire to Verbal conflict with mother.

Stung Hav district police chief Ros Key said yesterday that the housewife, 68-year-old Ngov Mom, had her house on fire. Completely because his son In Rath Thea was the arsonist.

He said that before the incident, the suspect had an argument with his mother, but the suspect had tried to set fire to his house several times, but Neighbors help stop it. In this incident, the police used a fire truck, used 2 water trucks, completely extinguished, but damaged property and houses. 1 back.

"The suspect tried to set fire to his house several times, but was stopped. Now he is setting fire to his house for the last time," he said. The latter is decided.

The perpetrator was arrested and taken to the Stung Hav District Police Inspectorate by our professional officers who are interrogating and taking legal action. ”