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A man has died suddenly while driving a tractor on his farm, according to reports. As soon as the ground hit the ground, it slid back down into the canal and tractor was trampled on by the victim. Completely caused the sudden loss of life at the disposal of his wife A horrible death but once.

When the wife arrives to find her husband, he goes to the neighbors to call for help. Husband exits under tractor triggers alarm at 10:30 am on April 18, 2020 at point in plantation It is located in O'Chlaol Village, Balaakka Commune, Pailin City, Pailin Province .

According to police, the victim was identified as Leang Heng, a 42-year-old Cambodian national, farmer. Yarca, Pailin City, Pailin Province, driving a red tractor, YAMAHA F180.

According to police, before the incident, a man was driving his tractor plowing in his farm. Climb and put the number in, then slide back down. Meanwhile, the victim tried to brake, but did not cause the tractor to slip back and fall into the ditch. The water was also trampled on by the victim, causing the sudden loss of life at the disposal of his wife and children.

The source said that after the incident, the victim's wife went to look for her husband and found him in a state of disrepair He also cried out in a heart attack and called to a neighbor to help recover his husband's body. The tractor then complained to police for an immediate inspection.

The victim's body has now been handed over to relatives for a traditional celebration.

According to the police, Pailin is rich in farmland in low plateaus and hills. The original. Therefore, when farmers are driving tractors, plowing their land or renting their plow, great care must be taken so that there is no case. Such accidents continue. (Edited by: Bopha)