GeFull cake:Cambodia's Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Interior, Krasaing Kheng, is in support of the administration of Battambang province, which wants the tax collection to be controlled by one outlet.

Mr. Krom Krom expressed his support on the occasion of the closing of the Annual Meeting for the 2019 Annual Review and the 2020 Work Plan of the Provincial Government and the Royal Government Working Group on 26 February 2020.

Kratie Sar Kheng also states that not only does the tax collection, he wants to rate localization under the one-stop administration to facilitate people, especially to avoid inaction such as money problems. Under the table.

Kromchol Kheng also suggested the formation of a mission to visit villages, communes, districts, and to explain to people about the implementation of some basic obligations such as marriage certificate, birth certificate, death, family book, passport. .

He added that the team had a duty to inform local people about the procedures, benefits and implications if these documents were not available.