Italy: Drug traffickers are always looking for clever ways to get their drugs across Go somewhere else and sometimes they are so creative that we can never imagine it.

According to Oddity Central, the attention of Italian customs officers at Malpensa Airport has recently caught on. A man named Santino D'Antonio.

Inside the package are two kilograms of coffee beans, a major South American export. There is nothing suspicious about these coffee beans, if we look at them for a moment, but for the above customs officials, there is suspicion and take The coffee beans were inspected and found to have hidden drug powder.

Of the about 500 coffee beans in the package, 130 contained hidden cocaine. After the discovery, customs officials chased after Santino D'Antonio, who wrote on the coffee package. Police searched for the address on the coffee package and discovered it was a coffee and tobacco shop in Florence. . Police later found a man named Santino D’Antonio walking to get the coffee.

Police also arrested the man and kept the coffee package as evidence at the trial. Santino D’Antonio is charged with drug trafficking. Excerpted from the site: odditycentral (Edited by: Bopha)

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