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Siem Reap: More than 10 families in Tbeng West Village, Tbeng Commune, Banteay Srei District, Siem Reap province. Long before this age, it was easy to raise a family Each year, our brothers earn a total of about $ 6,000 To $ 7 billion in America for the supply of family life.

According to Pech Chhuon, 63, a bee farmer in the village, he has been practicing This has been since the time of his father, since the time of the Sangkum Reastr Niyum. In the past, the area was very popular because the area was still very rich and rich in bees. Not so much the odds today. Nowadays, hobbies are less sought after because they are difficult and not as abundant as before, he said. Honey is at odds with the other villagers, who still have to earn a living for their families, build homes and organize Draw a future for the children as well.

“You can earn between $ 6,000 and $ 7,000 a year, but you can make a lot of money. The money is not enough to solve the problems of living, marriage, children, villagers, home construction Daily etc. ” He said honey can be made from 2 liters or 10 liters a day, sometimes more. There are also some days.
Most honey is taken in the summer, he said, because summer makes the honey look sweet. The water gets into the hive and the honey, so in the rainy season they are less likely to go into the wild for honey than for normal farming.

“The honey that villagers bring is 100% natural honey, not honey. There are all the waiters, especially the big hotel owners in Siem Reap and foreigners who understand the importance of honey Waiting to buy. Today, honey is sold to hotel owners or dealers at 100,000 riel per liter. He claimed that although the bees were natural bees, villagers had to go down to make their own shrimp. Bees make hives and make water on the lobster, and the honey is only honey. Only the hive is not, keeping the bees in the fur and can take one or two other bees. Per nest.

The bee's predecessor continued: "The harvesting of bees is two to three times due to the introduction of The bee experts from an organization are based in France and are advised not to misplace bees Be rid of the bees also.

According to Eric Guerin, a community bee conservation adviser, bees are very important, not just to water them. Bees are the mainstay for many crops and pollen by bringing pollen from male to female. That brings forth the fruit. Bees are also participants in forestry, so that's why no bees, no forests, no bees, no plants. Currently, bees in the country and many other countries are slowly disappearing, he said Some things like climate change, deforestation, the use of chemicals and the misuse of bees such as the burning of bees And take all the nests. To keep bees in the future, people should also stop some practices, especially getting bees. The headwaters will keep the nest and the bee to continue its lineage.

Prat Sovann, the coordinator of the French-based Gret, said the organization always wanted better lives. The same thing is that people want something that is completely natural for sale on the market, like natural vegetables that the organization has been doing. Come and start with natural bees Dangerous. This natural honey refers to honey from the wild, which is natural and produces natural honey, not bees. Feeding.

Honey experts have confirmed that honey is considered by many Cambodians as an effective remedy. In fact, 100% pure honey is definitely a health advantage and that's why honey is so high today. This ៕ Edited by: Sokhuk