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The streets are not safe for children! So advise them how to take care of themselves if at any time be on the streets or out of the house without you This is absolutely necessary. Today, Health.com.kh will introduce some great tips that parents should teach or recommend You know:

1. If staying out at night:
– If you know to come home at night, you must be alert to the person in the street and not forget Must tell the time of return.
– If you have to go out or in a dark place, go with your friends and cross the street in groups
– Do not wander through the jungle, in gardens, and in quiet places.

2. Attitude to strangers:
Do not go out with strangers, even if they are said to be your parents' friends
Take things from strangers or people they don't know
– If strangers call or ask for help, depend on other adults, do not hesitate to go alone

3. Transit behavior:
– You, as a parent, should introduce or teach your child about traffic lights, including traffic lights, ceilings, and dimming. New York
– Try not to walk behind the parking lot as it may block the road
– If there is no sidewalk, take a walk on the sidewalk that allows your child to see different vehicles passing by.

4. Attitude on public transport:
– Stand at the intersection and keep one meter away from the road
Do not ride in an unmarked car or get into a car with an unknown person
– When using public transportation, children can be seen near the driver's side for easy access. Do not talk to strangers and tell them where they live or where to go.

5. When in danger:
If it seems that someone is following you, try to walk or move to a crowded place, such as a mall or place Others are very rich and try to get help
– If you meet a group of drunk or rude people, try to walk to the other side and avoid conflict with them.
– If a stranger starts to catch up, yell out, "You're not my dad or my mom." .

6. Behavior when dealing with a homeless animal:
Do not confuse the homeless, because they may immediately bite or attack (Source: Health.com.kh). (Edited by: Bopha)