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A 22-year-old Chinese woman with persistent cough is shocked to learn that she There was a lump in the lungs.

After several X-rays and X-rays to find out what causes persistent cough for 14 years Recently, an unnamed 22-year-old woman from China recently discovered it From chicken bones. Her problems started with a severe cough when she was 7 and 8 years old. In most hospitals, no one can see the cause of the abnormalities that can cause her to cough, which is not. There is no cure.

Having difficulty taking coughing and breathing problems as part of her daily routine, she continued Seek medical help and have been misdiagnosed many times by some doctors for bronchitis. As a result, she had to take antibiotics for many years without any improvement.

She eventually found out when she went for Hyperhidrosis. Doctors performed several tests on her before surgery and suddenly found something stuck in her right lung Through a CT scan.

To find out what exactly it was, doctors performed a lung scan using a small camera. It was found to be about 2cm in length and was removed safely. She did not know how it came in, but doctors said it could have been since she was a kid Not careful (According to sources from www.odditycentral.com)