This could be the first time in history that the new deadly disease Covid-19 is hitting the world. In Cambodia, we, especially in Siem Reap, are facing this problem until the government announces closure of schools in Siem Reap-Siem Reap province. Temporary due to the CAV-19 virus.

However, this Friday (March 13, 2020), the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport decided to launch the "E-Learning" ) Free on 6 specialty subjects: Mathematics, Chemistry, Physics, History, Biology and Khmer, all students can study On your own Online Official Social Media and Ministry of Education e-learning system.

The Ministry of Education announced that the launch of the e-learning program will be from March 13, 2020 to students. It can be studied in the following ways:

The Ministry's official YouTube site:, which will contain all instructional videos for students in real-time.

Ministry's official Facebook page:, which will be broadcast daily by morning for classes 9th grade and afternoon for 12th grade.

3-Ministry e-Learning Center: By students can choose the right course or course Free and no registration required (guest access).

As mentioned above, please all teachers, parents, guardians and students, encourage all students especially Ideal conditions for continuing to study electronically by visiting the websites and social media sites provided above, as appropriate. ៕ Article: Lim Hong

Read the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports announcement below: