Phnom Penh: According to the report, a Chinese man in his 20s filled a bottle of gasoline The area in front of the people's rented room and set on fire caused a huge fire while the tenant closed the door and fell asleep It was quiet, but the owner of the room heard something as if something was in front of the room, and when he looked through the doorway, he saw A Chinese man was standing holding a bottle of gasoline and filling it with concrete in front of the room and setting it on fire. Surprise at 12:40 past midnight on July 18, 2020 in front of Room A1 Along the concrete road west of the 24-hour traffic light, about 200 meters, in Trapeang Svay village, Sangkat Kork Khleang, Khan Sen Sok.

According to the owner of the rented room, who did not want to be named, before the incident, he and his family There were 4 to 5 people and people living nearby closed the door to sleep quietly. Then suddenly his newborn baby woke up and cried, and he got up to comfort her. Go back to sleep.

The lady continued that until the incident, she heard something like in front of the room, then she went Looking through the doorway, I saw a Chinese man standing alone in front of the room holding a half-liter bottle of gasoline. It looks like a drug addict. Moments later, the Chinese man poured gasoline on the concrete in front of his room and set it on fire. Becoming a huge flame.

Suddenly, he shouted, causing surprise to the people living around the scene, came out. The water was extinguished in time and did not cause any damage to anyone's property.

He then reported to the local authorities to come down and intervene immediately. As the local police arrived, the Chinese man tried to escape from the scene, but was stopped by the police. Arrested returned.

After the incident, the Chinese national, who was suspected of breaking the drug, was taken to the administrative police station for questioning. Kork Khleang to build a case to send to the Police Inspectorate Sen Sok waiting to deal with the procedure. (Edited by: Bopha)