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Banteay Meanchey: A Yudup truck carrying a dry cassava suspected to drive at high speed when it crashes causes a pedestrian Bamboo stuck into a river but luckily the car did not fall into the river and did not injure anyone That.

The incident occurred at 2:00 am on February 13, 2020, along a curved line along the bank of the river. Anlong Tnol village, Beung commune, Mongkol Borey district.

One truck carrying cassava above was a Judith Mark Hino with Phnom Penh license plate 3D-1790 driver. Know the identity.

According to people at the scene, at the time of the incident, there was a loud bang and came out to see. A top-notch car overturned in a bamboo bush near the river and poured cassava into the river. Does not cause any danger to the driver.

According to the source, the cause of the accident was caused by a truck driving in the direction of the foot And the curve of the road to the east due to the speed of the curve causes the steering wheel to roll upward. Do not fall into the river overnight because of a traffic jam on bamboo, but cassava Plunged into the river staeng.

People who live near the curb were the cause of the accident; Because the drivers drive so fast and the pavement along the river connects the road in the commune, straight to the water And there are many curves that are not visible and can be challenging Classes at all times.

In the above case, people are requesting drivers who are traveling along the river bank to drive carefully Occasionally because the road has many curves to protect the safety of passengers and occupants, all traffic laws are obeyed. Each is traveling on a small road Many curvature avoids the risk of accidents such as high-speed vehicles causing overturning. (Editing by: Thida)