Kompong Cham: Respond to requests from citizens In the community, especially the implementation of measures to prevent the spread of the infectious disease of cowboys 19, the team of health professionals sprayed the 19avirus on them Four places where seven Malaysians are infected with the Kovir virus 19 and stay and missionary in the geography of Kang Meas district.

According to Chea Koch, director of the Ministry of Information and a spokeswoman for the Kompong Cham provincial administration
Implementation of measures to prevent the spread of the infectious disease of Uncle 19 of Un Chanda, the governor and chairman of the Committee on combating the disease 19 Kampong Cham Province on March 21, 2020, ordered Deputy Governor Han Kosal to lead the disinfecting project in the above geographical area: Black Temple India's Muslim village of Pong customs Roka. Secondly, the mosque of Kmor Sor village, Peam Sor commune. 3) a mosque, a mosque, Sambath Meas village, Peam Kang commune, and a fourth house, where seven Malaysians were staying during the missionary work.

He said the campaign is a preventative measure to spread the outbreak of the disease into the community, especially as part of it. Contribute to the fear of the people. Separately, after the disinfecting, the mosque temporarily closed the mosque. The residents, who were also in direct contact with the seven Malaysians, asked them to stay in their separate homes for 14 days Also follow-up from a doctor.

It is also worth noting that the Ministry of Health recently announced the positive results of the HIVovirus 19 against seven Malaysian men who came. Missionary in all four locations of Kang Meas District, Kampong Cham Province. They are currently being treated in separate rooms of the Kampong Cham Hospital. The seven Malaysians have been staying in the missionary district and staying in Kang Meas district since March 12. On March 19, 2020, a team of doctors discovered that they had the HIV virus 19 after testing the samples. As of March 21, Kampong Cham province has 19 people living with HIV / AIDS in total 10 people: 3 British, 7 Malaysians People. In addition, 86 doctors are in quarantine for 14 days to monitor their health as the virus has yet to spread. People still in the community ៕ By: Kolab