A spokesman for the Ministry of Health has denied the recent deaths of both foreigners and Cambodians.

Speaking to a press conference on the afternoon of March 5, 2020, Minister Ovandin said: "Ask people not to believe in propaganda and fabrication, and when information comes out and shouting in a 19-page vow. Ask people not to believe it because the doctor's confirmation is clear. "There was no infection of the jaundice 19.

She said that the disease had been found in less than the right time, and that without treatment, the disease would progress. It doesn't die right away; it develops into a serious condition and can last for a week, two weeks, or three weeks, or even months.
If the condition becomes severe and there is no cure, the patient may also experience death.
As for the disease, she said: "Therefore, Kov 19 cannot have the condition to walk, faint or die. And that's it.