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PHNOM PENH – Minister of Health Mam Bunheng has said that a hot-air shot of a civil servant was scanned. And the staff of both public and private institutions are not as mentally or emotionally disturbed as some are concerned.

Mam Bunheng made the remarks at a press conference in the morning of April 13, 2020, at the Ministry of Health. Also, the Minister of Health and the participants of the conference also had the temperature checked. Well.

Regarding the Ministry of Skills certification above, Chamrong, who runs a private company in Phnom Penh, said, “Before At first I was worried about the health effects, because one day I went out to a private company with a lot of billing. So, I was shot one day Four or five times, they shot in the head, which made them feel like nozzles. What's that brain? " However, he said that after being confirmed by the Ministry of Skills, he was concerned about the heat Well.

Keep in mind that since the world has had a major outbreak of avian influenza, 19 major issues have been linked to heat if As the temperature rises to 38 degrees Celsius, employees are required to be hospitalized for preventive health checks. Any problems that may be related to the Kovirus 19 virus.

However, the Minister of Health on May 13 also warned that if Cambodia had a case of Kovirus death. The Ministry has already taken measures not to allow relatives or relatives to bury any cremation or burial or Burned immediately like other countries.