Photograph: Pha Lina / Phnom Penh Post Minister of Social Affairs, Veterans and Youth Rehabilitation Vong Soth confirmed the implementation of the cash program For poor and vulnerable people, the impact of Kovi'1 has over 80%. More than 560,000 families after a week of inactivity have been left stranded He has solved the problem.

Veng Sothb's confirmation came at a press conference on "Progress Unfair challenges and protests of cash-strapped people Poor and vulnerable as a result of Kovite 9 »at the Ministry of Social Affairs The second of July.

“We are now in the process of implementing a cash assistance program for the poor. And by the time of this crisis, more than 80% of the cases are more than 56,266 families. All over the country….

He has long expected that within the next week, citizens will be targeted. It's all about it. For some of the irregularities that have occurred during the implementation of cash sponsorship, this is the least likely case. Compare the effectiveness and results achieved.

But what was interesting yesterday was that the Prime Minister's Facebook post first reminded him. Regarding the commune councils as well as the villages that directly do this work, this is not possible Cheating or cheating your friends and just being able to get cash support. In such cases, the case will be dealt with legally without exception.

"This is a very important message to remind our officers involved in," he said. Local officials in direct contact with the people avoid running for the benefit of the people. Providing benefits to the people is free of any deductions or fees. ”

According to Veng Soth, the issue of implementing a one-week cash assistance scheme is available in Prey Veng province Banteay Meanchey. But it has already taken legal action to target the target.

The minister said that in response to this, the Ministry of Social Affairs, the Ministry of Planning and related ministries had organized a system to Respond in a timely manner. "So far nothing has happened. The system is broken. If there is any problem, we will respond. This way, since the team of pillars he owns, they can report at any time. "

On June 24, the Royal Government of Cambodia announced the release of an estimated $ 125 million national budget to support the lives of people. Poor and vulnerable during the epidemic 19 for more than 560,000 families nationwide .

On June 30, Prime Minister Hun Sen announced the re-launch of the official procurement system. The cash support program says the work is based entirely on local authorities, village chiefs and The Commune / Sangkat Councils must avoid the confinement of any relatives who submit their own relatives. Not a really poor and vulnerable family to get the allowance.

"I will take hot action and there will be no exemptions if you find that in the In every village and commune, this is the case. ”

Theng Panha Thun, general director of planning at the Ministry of Planning, told the Post on July 2 that the project would update the family. A second poverty line, but no more households, ended in late June. It was postponed, but it was due on July 7.

"We have discussed that it will be possible to submit figures (updating the number of poor families)," he said. Secondly, go to the Ministry of Economy and Social Affairs on July 7 or 8. ”