Kompong Speu: HE Hun Many said the governmentPaying attention to the call and guidance of all State institutions, the private sector, international organizations, and citizens together to fight the disease 19 Contribute to donate resources to help share the hardship for the people.

On Saturday, April 4, 2020, HE Hun Many, the Speaker of the Kampong Speu Provincial Council, donated 19 anti-retroviral drugs (Covid- 19) To the Kompong Speu Administration through His Excellency Vy Samnang, Governor of the Board of Governors.

Addressing on the occasion, HE Vy Samnang, Governor of the province expressed his thanks to HE Hun Many for supporting the provincial administration in the campaign. Combat Kovi-19. In addition, HE Governor has stated that although Kompong Speu does not currently have infected persons with GV-19, the provincial administration is still paying attention. To strengthen the implementation of both preventive and promotional measures to prevent the spread of the disease in the circumstances of the Royal Government. The Cambodian government, as well as Kampong Speu, is taking measures to prevent the spread of the HIV-19 epidemic right now, which is crucial because The gel, or alcohol, is now a defensive weapon for the entire Kov-19 campaign.

HE HUN Many also mentioned that the gifts given now are from the philanthropic efforts of the people contributing to the fight. To fight disease 19 and to share the hardships for the people and those who are on the mission to prevent and fight 19 Also while the Royal Government of Cambodia It has been paying close attention to, calling for, and advising all public, private sector, national and international organizations and people together to fight the epidemic 19 A global pandemic.

Donations to the provincial administration include: 60 heaters, 20,000 masks, 550 liters of alcohol, 550 liters of soap, 235 cases of soap A bottle of 225 hand-wash gel and 400 cups of soft drink ៕ By: intellectual