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Normally, no one wants to experience suffering, but it is happiness – no one really knows. Inevitably, the thing we need to do is know:

1. Real suffering is well known for suffering

2. Truth: The cause of suffering

3. Nirvana: The place of desertion

4) Truth: The path leading to the relief of sorrow.

The people who can put an end to such misery are few, and so is the success that everyone has Everyone wants it, but not knowing those realities makes it impossible for many to achieve what they are Wanted.

If we want real success, then we must know the true destination, and know that 1- there are two successes – The reason for success – Where we need to build success 4 – The path to success Success.

These four theories are central to our success in life through the realization of the truth. The most beautiful of our Buddhas. San Sarin