Phnom Penh 14 February: Tomorrow is Valentine's Day for all young peopleThis misconception is a love for violence. Ask for a true husband, wife, a wife, Proportion of condom use When an outsider and rush to the test If there is a virus that is suspected to contain the virus.

Tomorrow, February 14 – Valentine's Day, Senior Minister Ieng Moly, President of the National AIDS Authority, gives a message to young people. Not to be mistaken, this is a romantic love for a couple, and they should not go wrong with the tradition. They affect the reputation of the family and the family Herself.

He said young people need to love their families, love the country and especially love themselves so that they can be healthy. Bamboo and its extension of the nation.

The Senior Minister also extended his request for a sincere love of one of the husbands, for the use of condoms properly. When an external partner is in a hurry to get a blood test for HIV if there is a suspected HIV infection to get the service immediately. Counseling and Receiving Life Extensive Medicines ៕ By: Columbus