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Battambang: 38-year-old Chhem Chantha, Battambang, who won the award 50 Million Riels from WurkZ Beverage Bottle Beverage Offer some Bonus Buy Massage to Travel Passengers Protect yourself from respiratory viruses New Corolla.

The motorcycle dealer in Maung Russey recounted the opening ceremony of the award, saying: “I think it was really good luck and luck. So much for me to win the 50 million riel, because I threw away the earrings and the hatchet. No rewards at all. But just as people were calling out to pick up the earrings, they looked surprised when the village saw 50 million riels on the earrings. That can. Even my wife and children are almost unbelievable. ”

“For 50 million riels, I will buy some of the charcoal to distribute to people on the streets of Battambang for protection. From a recent outbreak of coronavirus. Some of them will enhance the lives of the two of you and expand their business. ”