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Phnom Penh: Former Actress Hang Marrani has presented a gift of luxury car to a wealthy person on Valentine's Day. Love, as she is lucrative in the cosmetics business. The new Ford Ranger for around $ 50,000 is just the gift for parents from Hang Meani. The American version of the semi-trailer is popular.

With this Facebook car gift picture, Hangarini has attached a message for its benefactors: "Don't Use the words 'wait a little longer' or 'next year' if more than that, if there is more money than that. Everything comes down to asking, when our parents raised us, did he "Just remember, maybe we don't have today, just remember, maybe kids don't learn." Know as you do now.

Think of how much he can do for him, in whatever capacity we have, whoever is busy, whoever he is. Because if the family wants to prosper, it can be too late. ”
Hang Marini states, "Do not wait too long to tell that you are regretting the new moon. Even though you are sick, sweaty, sweaty, never complaining, it's not very difficult for anyone, but sometimes it's OK to eat. When you have enough to eat, sometimes you do not want to buy good clothes Baby looks good, not afraid to buy modern equipment on his own, but for one to two years, they are even more. Older women, dark hair, beautiful hands, wrinkles, sometimes sick, also dare not tell their children.

He still gives you a smile, a smile, all the time. He never asks for anything, only to give him more Life's no more self-centered and prosperous, do we ask ourselves? What did this old age do for him? What a sacrifice he made for him? He gave a million dollars to his children for his own happiness, but we did it for him. Only a few percent of him gave up on us.

Today, all of you would like to give a gift to all 4 of them and say thank you for caring for your baby from the bottom of the foot. So far so good thanks to all 4 of their great devotion to children wanted to say that they want to see the scars All four smiles like this forever We love u mom and dad love never end The kids are so lucky Born the son of. Money can buy many things, but money can't buy happiness, time, and a smile from the heart.

Happy valentine's day to all 4 beneficiaries, their entire family, all the provincial staff, your siblings, friends and people All in Cambodia and abroad, good health and success. Former actress Mara Maraini has been completely absent from her acting career after she joined the wedding and now has a baby. After her career, Hang Maraini ran a large beauty business while often observing her. Live is selling its cosmetics line on social media.