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The first Cambodian man was found to have HIV infection 19. The findings prompted the government to intensify its efforts to curb the spread of the virus Call on all Cambodians to increase their alertness and good hygiene in their life against the virus.

According to the World Health Organization and the World Health Organization, good hygiene, especially hand washing, is a more important measure They are in control of the infection of CAVV 19. So educating people about the importance of handwashing and proper hand washing will help people prevent it The infection of CAV-19 is just like any other virus.

However, many people in Cambodia, as well as many others in the world, do not understand Also be sure about how to properly wash your hands. Therefore, Cambodians must know how to properly wash their hands in order to prevent the infection of Kovir 19 And other viruses.

The proper hand washing must be done in the following order:

– Wash your hands with water from a Romney head
Use enough soap to wash your hands with wet hands
Brush the entire surface of the palm, including the back of your hand, between your fingers and under the nail for at least 20 seconds
Rinse off the soap with water from the Romney head
Dry your hands with clean paper or a clean towel

What we have been talking about is to increase one's personal hygiene to increase it Blocking the germs 19. In addition to self-defense, people also need to be careful about avoiding the spread of the virus by wearing masks Or use krama if they have symptoms that indicate a suspected infection of kodi 19. Symptoms of the disease that are caused by CAVV 19 include fever, cough, and shortness of breath. Therefore, if these symptoms occur, they must wear a face mask or a scarf to prevent the spread of the virus to others.

This is the personal hygiene that every Cambodian person must take in order to prevent the spread and spread of germs. However, hygiene has to be done widely throughout the country and involves all sectors and institutions in consideration The importance of hygiene in disease prevention.

"This is the time for us to come together to prevent this," Samdech Techo Hun Sen said in Siem Reap on March 9. Infected with Kovirus 19. Therefore, increasing personal hygiene, sanitation in places such as workplaces, shopping centers, restaurants, etc. must improve hygiene or provide a means to Good hygiene for everyone.

When all parts of the country have good hygiene, there will be a reduction in the level of infection of the cow 19 This virus can also be on the desktop or anywhere and when someone takes a hand Touching the infected site will then increase the likelihood that the virus can be transmitted to humans.

At the same time, all bathrooms should have their own soap so that they can use the bathroom Their hands were covered with water and soap. Clean and hygienic living must become a daily lifestyle for Cambodians. While it does not cost money, it does reduce many infections in humans.

Keeping clean and hygienic must be a huge nationwide campaign for a clean living message This good hygiene has reached out to Cambodians all over the country. It will be very important that the Ministry of Health, the press and all stakeholders share the message of living clean and hygienic. An important weapon in the fight against infection of Kov 19 and other viruses.

In the era of information technology, especially social networks such as Facebook and other social networks, it was very convenient. Very good in spreading the message or information to many people. Due to the convenience of this propaganda, fake news has spread in Cambodia. So it's just about everyone's willingness to turn Cambodia into a sanitary country. Good and clean.

Everywhere, whether it's a ministry, a private company, an NGO, a factory, a mall, a movie theater, a restaurant, a cafe, or anywhere else, it has to be Contribute to the message of clean living and the importance of hand washing in coping with infections Ivory virus 9 and other infections. It would be even better if all of the facilities provided sanitation facilities such as soap and paper towels. In every bathroom.

The Ministry of Health, the Ministry of Environment and other relevant ministries have the role to play in the broadest campaign on the importance of living a sanitary and clean lifestyle. That should encourage people everywhere to take part in the campaign to improve good hygiene and healthy living to the heart. Everybody . All Cambodian media must also be actively involved in the campaign by increasing their campaigns. Publish information on the importance of good hand washing and healthy living as well as anti-viral 19 .

This clean lifestyle must become a daily habit for all Cambodians, not just to cope There are no other viruses in the world. Therefore, everyone must come together to transform Cambodia into a country with a high standard of hygiene and clean living There will be no infections of the genus 19 or in the future. We have to make it a reminder to people all over the world that Cambodia is a country with a high standard of hygiene The beauty of this country.