United States: In an article published on July 20, the Washington Post wrote that the United States has a great defeat in Preventing the spread of COVID-19 virus from an inactivated anti-infective response.

Under the headline "Global Crisis: US Response to COVID-19 Virus" The spread of the virus has created a rift in a nation that has long been proud of its ability to
Facing disasters

According to experts, the United States is moving closer to a point of collapse by public health systems may Start shaking. Many countries that have succeeded in overcoming the US virus epidemic have fallen into disrepair. Emergence of outbreak
Viruses and the death toll is rising.

The article goes on to say that inactivity in the fight against the virus was not a coincidence but came from the US war. Anti-virus clearly shows the lack of cooperation of the authorities, the current weak investment in public health and inequality Socio-economic and racial causes that millions of poor people have fallen ill and died.

The newspaper quoted BETH CAMRRON, former director general of the Office of Global Health Security and Biological Protection of the National Security Council as saying: The White House says the United States has not tried to react.

In addition to the big misconceptions that focus on hurried economic recovery, the US government is also working to alleviate The threat of viruses destroys scientific discoveries and divides public opinion. The denial of scientific discoveries has given rise to the theory that experts lie under a political program. Excerpted from the website: xinhuanet (Edited by: Bopha)