Phnom Penh: Samdech Krasaeng Kheng said that police completed the studyThe police and Taing Soup, the national police officers, are assigned to work in units with real and necessary resources, which are not allowed to mobilize in the unit. Which is less demanding.

In the morning of Wednesday, April 29, 2020, the Minister of Interior HE Krom Kheng Kheng, led a meeting to discuss the 2020 plan of action. Cambodian Academy of Management.

Under the chairmanship of the Deputy Prime Minister, the meeting passed the 2020 Action Plan of the PAC at the Ministry of Interior. Invitation from HE Secretary of State to HE, Secretary of State Undersecretary, Deputy Director General and Deputy Managing Director of the Police Academy of Cambodia As many others.

Speaking at the meeting, the Deputy Prime Minister of the Ministry of Interior underlined that the current meeting of the Cambodian Police Academy is Recently, the Ministry has just passed the action plan of the National Police and the General Department of Foreign Affairs. The normal course is to edit and add some additional entries.

Regarding the planning and setting out of the implementation of the plan, the Kratom also urged the Cambodian Police Academy to expedite the work. Soon, though, some of the work was new and to be done in the context of the outbreak of the disease. He also advised relevant leaders to strengthen the mechanism of reform effectively and effectively, in order to allocate forces to the task. Also.

For graduating and Soup police, national police officers must be assigned to work in units with real resources needs, he said. Real and necessary, that is, it is not permissible to gather in a less demanding organization. During the meeting, the prince and the participants discussed about the provision of good teacher trainers and the need for additional teachers. In the near future.

Samdech also directed the Cambodian Academy of Police to continue to open short training courses on necessary skills and development Some practical steps to police leaders at all levels for additional capital to expand their knowledge, skills and for education and training Snowmen police under the supervision of the training that can be made 2 to 3 days.

The Meeting of the Deputy Prime Minister also discussed the need for annual police force resources to fill the number of retired or troubled police officers. Health or expulsion and also to meet the needs of protection, security, public order, social security and border protection .: Flamingo