Phnom Penh: At the same time, effectively tackling two challenges for citizens With the support of the people, the governor requested that Prek Pnov and the district authorities continue to address security issues. The order continues to get the support of the state.

Phnom Penh Municipal Governor Khuong Sreng said at the launch of the new Prey Veng provincial administration yesterday morning. February 13: This is the solution to the problem of the people of the state, which has honored the district. S. On that occasion, the Governor of Phnom Penh also advised the provincial government, especially Prek Pnov district, to solve the problem. Unconditional construction along the state's canal is affecting the people and not allowing them to live in other public places so that this problem will not be solved. Many times or not.

Governor of Phnom Penh Municipal Governor confirmed that the new system in the district administration to serve the needs of the people. More effective, in line with the Royal Government's Fourth Phase Rectangular Policy.

It should be emphasized that in the context of Cambodia, the government policy, decree and deconcentration are important. The three main steps are to enable the lower-level state to function smoothly: first, the strengthening of a multi-liberal democracy. The party is laying the groundwork for elections in the provincial, municipal, district and commune councils – Sangkats, who are the representatives of the people and play an important role in the administration of the constitution through the governance of Bombay. Sub-national democracy in its capacity. The second is to promote and improve the efficiency of development by bringing about a consistent and consistent management structure. Form of decentralization and deconcentration aiming to transfer the functions and resources to subnational institutions that still have ownership and responsibility. We provide local services and services to solve real-world challenges The actions of local people to be effective, transparent, accountable, current and socially equitable. And, thirdly, the promotion and ownership of local people in relation to local leadership and development in order to contribute to poverty reduction. And improve the quality of life of the state government.

In that occasion, Prek Pnov district governor Sok Sambath said that Prek Pnov district administration as well as the unity administration committee had worked hard to overcome all difficulties and put in place countermeasures and use the full force and skill to prevent it. Effectively prevent and suppress all kinds of offenses, especially strengthen enforcement Nnual safe "neighborhood policy" to maintain security and safety for the people living in peace. It should be noted that acts of robbery, armed robbery, and illegal drug offenses have been reduced to a minimum at the district level and have spurred the district's garbage collection agencies to cooperate with district order and local officials. Neighborhoods to collect garbage to prevent long-term congestion affect the health of the people And in the local environment