Takeo: Kang Anand, Mayor of Daun Keo, brought humanitarian donationsThe municipality, along with the donation of six Buddhist monasteries, was distributed to families affected by the fire. In Chak Village, Rokar Knong Commune, Daun Keo City, Takeo, on the afternoon of February 2, 2020.

Speaking at a meeting with families affected by the accident, the governor expressed his condolences. He was very emotional because he understood that feeling because he had been involved in a house fire. This is the feeling of being affected by the fire, which is missing Many of the victims who tried to save their possessions in the house were only destroyed in the blaze of fire. So in order to avoid this catastrophe, people should be very careful about candles. Specifically, the use of the power grid is required Technically, the battery must not be scratched, and the battery must not be plugged in because of the device. This is probably due to the high risk of the plug being plugged into a hot coil causing transmission. We are building a fire and our people have to watch Before leaving any house, first turn off the battery.

It is worth mentioning that the donation to the families of the three victims of the house fire included 50 kilograms of rice, fish sauce, mung bean sauce and blankets. Pillows, pillows, some kitchen supplies and a family budget of Riel 450,000.