Phnom Penh: The Phnom Penh Municipal Administration has received 19 anti-retroviral kits from Shanghai, China, which is considered by many to be a valuable asset and incentive. Not priceless between the Shanghai and Phnom Penh alliances, as Cambodia itself is Needed.

In the afternoon of April 21, 2020, Chinese Ambassador to Cambodia, Mr. Wang Wen Seng, was Ambassador of China to Cambodia in the presence of the Kovidian Anti-Corruption Unit. Shanghai is also fighting the Kowdaw 19, but with the generosity of mind, Chinese people have shared some material. By Administrative Capital ".

“We find that this kind of spirit is rare when it is needed, but it has cut off some of its own people to help the city's alliance, as well as the Cambodia-China friendship. Very kind. "

Governor of Phnom Penh Capital Hall considered the sharing of Chinese protective equipment and fight against Chinese quake on the occasion as a valuable asset while Cambodia is Needed.

“We are not hungry to eat, but we are hungry to eat when the need for supplies is expensive,” Mr. Sreng Sreng said.

On the occasion, the governor also reminded the people: “Today, people have to take a long walk along the streets around Phnom Penh. Our country, as well as Phnom Penh, is not yet banned, but your travel needs to be cautious, as this 19-year-old virus is successful when it comes to finding vaccines or medicines. Can Succeed Otherwise, we are now a success that we can protect ourselves by curbing each of our personal hygiene ".

"So that's why it's important for each of you to be careful not to be too afraid. Don't be too careful. Each of them has the ability to prevent these 19 diseases from getting infected. ”

"We noticed that after receiving so many people, we were afraid to go out, but to get down to business, we had to be careful."

Chinese Ambassador to Cambodia Wang Wen said that China will join with Cambodia to prevent the spread of the Kov-19 virus. China always supports and helps Cambodia in fight against the disease – We have already dispatched equipment with medical experts to help Cambodia, and China will continue to help Cambodia if Cambodia needs China. Help that.

He also expressed his gratitude to the Chinese and Chinese people through the Embassy of Cambodia, which has donated material including 3,000 N95 masks, 20,000 masks and 500 sets of medical clothing. Too ៕ By: Darth