Government spokesman Phay Siphan insisted that the law governing emergency states is not against the people, and does not take citizenship in response to the will of the people divided in the Constitution in the past. Go.

In a press conference on "Progress and Continuing Direction of the Ministry of Cults and Religion" on April 17, 2020, Mr. Siphan said that the law governing the state of emergency does not answer the NGOs, not the human rights organizations. Various.

“The government of Samdech Techo Hun Sen is following the common good of the people as stated in the Constitution. It is not a law of opposition, not a target against the people, not the enemy, it is a response to the will of the people of our people. In the Constitution, the will of the Cambodian people is in the Constitution, ”he said.

In addition, a spokesman for the government said that you do not want the law to govern the country in a state of emergency is a traitor who causes a provocative act to cause unrest in the country. It's called the rule of law country, so the rule of law is in the rule of law with a single law.

It would be reminded that, according to a press release from the Senate on April 17, the Senate had completely approved the emergency management of the country to pave the way for the bill to be promulgated. Very soon.

The draft law is aimed at defining the procedure, procedure, and conditions of the declaration of nationality in a state of emergency when the people are in danger, as well as managing the state of emergency in order to protect national security and order. Publicly protects the life and health of the people and protects the property and the environment ៕

By: Eng Boucheng