Phnom Penh: So far, the Royal Government, through the Ministry of Labor and Vocational Training, has opened subsidies for workers in the garment and tourism sectors. Suspended employment contracts in accordance with the spirit of the Royal Government's measures 31 times, with 12,441 workers.

The 30th and 31st payment of allowances was announced by the Ministry of Labor to pay their workers on the 21st She has a total of 12,441 workers from 58 factories in the garment and tourism sectors.

According to a report by the Ministry of Labor, from February to mid-September, the Royal Government spent more than 17 Millions of dollars open to textile and tourism workers whose employment contracts have been suspended.

A statement from the Ministry of Labor said that Wing Specialized Bank will send a message about the payment of government subsidies to the telephone number. Which the workers provided to the Ministry through the factory administration in the past. At the same time, Wing Specialized Bank will return the allowance to the Royal Government if the worker fails to pay the allowance. Within 10 days after receiving the phone message from Wing Specialized Bank.

Ministry of Labor and Vocational Training spokesman Heng Sour could not be reached for comment.

Labor Minister Ith Sam Heng recently told the Post that the number of factories suspended daily was between 100 and 120, or 150 factories a day, and between 40,000 and 50,000 workers are affected. "I would like to emphasize that the suspended plant does not mean closed, and the suspension is not complete, with some factories hanging "Some chains or parts, but other chains are still working."

Pav Sina, president of the Coalition of Workers' Movement Unions, supported the payment of allowances to these workers, despite the budget received Yes, this is a little bit.

"We see that the provision is not much, but in the situation it is good for our workers if they do not have," he said. Any income. We have had the involvement of some governments to alleviate some of the burden, and so far we do not have any information that the workers "They did not receive this funding, they received this support."

According to Mr. Pav Sina, in this situation, the Ministry of Labor should take additional measures to prevent employers from taking this opportunity to stop or The workers should be fired and the ministry should issue an order for employers to accept workers who have been laid off and terminate their employment contracts during the outbreak. Kovid 19 has returned to work in the past.

Mr. May Chan, a factory worker in Kandal province, who has already received government and factory subsidies twice since the factory He was suspended two months ago and recently returned to work, stating that the amount of money he received Twice a total of $ 140, but he still has a difficult life because he has no other extra income.

“At one time, I received $ 40 from the Ministry of Labor and $ 30 from the factory. This money is small, but it is good for us workers who get help from the government.