Phnom Penh: The Royal Government, through the National Social Security Fund (NSSF), has provided more than 87 billion riels to support more than 21 women giving birth. Tens of thousands across the country in the last three years.

Mr. Heng Sophannarith, Director of the Office of Policy of the Socialist Republic of Cambodia Told the Post yesterday that since the day the head of the Royal Government announced the payment of extra money to women giving birth in the system. And outside the system, to date, there are about 210,000 women who receive this allowance.

He added that in the amount of 87 billion riel. Provided for giving birth to those women is not combined with women who are civil servants. For the provision of UNFPA services to all midwives so far, there is no problem, although Cambodia Is facing the Kovid 19 crisis, however. On the other hand, all women who give birth are well aware of the process and importance of using this service.

"In the past, they (women giving birth) had a lot of complaints because they did not understand the procedures for using the service," he said. "But now that he understands the procedure for using the service, he no longer complains."

According to this official, in just one month, from November 1 to November 30, 2020. Provided the Royal Government of Cambodia additional subsidy policy with a total budget of more than 2.8 billion Riels for women giving birth 7,014 people. Compared to October 2020, there was a slight decrease of about 100 people.

Ms. Moch Channary is an employee of a company in Phnom Penh who just gave birth more than 3 months and received a stipend from the PSC. The use of a birth control card is important because it can significantly reduce costs during childbirth.

"During childbirth, I used the CES card, I received the same care as those who did not," she said. I received 400,000 Riel and 70% of my money by applying at the PSC headquarters.

According to her, after applying for this 70% payment for only two weeks or a little more, she will receive a message Or call on your mobile phone to get money from the Social Security Fund.

"We go to pay at a partner bank or to get a check from the PRC," she said. "Overall, we have a lot of cost savings when using the CUF."

The Deputy Secretary General of the Free Trade Union of Cambodia, Ms. Yong Leap, said that the subsidy of 400,000 Riel per child and two children 800,000 Riel. The Royal Government to maternity workers can now help ease their burden.

"Health care for pregnant women, she gets 400,000 riel per child and two children get 80 riel," she said. "Ten thousand riel provided by the government is a good thing."

"Separately, for those who pay maternity leave for 9 months or more, the worker can receive maternity leave," she said. "70% of the PSC after childbirth."

The head of the Royal Government of Cambodia, Mr. Hun Sen, has decided to provide cash support to workers, both formal and informal, during childbirth from the beginning. 2018. In that case, a worker who gives birth to one child will receive an allowance of 400,000 Riels, two twins will receive 800,000 Riels and three twins will receive an allowance of 1.2 million riels.