Starting on Friday, April 3, Google has launchedCommunity Mobility Reports to help authorities in each country easily survey local populations in relation to pandemics. Ivory-19 disease. According to a press release from the Anti Cyber ​​Crime Department on April 4.

This report shows the location of users who have agreed to allow companies to download their location data, but whose personal data will not be available. Not shown to the public.

Jen Fitzpatrick, the lead organizer of the event, said the company downloaded data from Google maps and showed the level of people in each business area. The data is useful for health authorities to make decisions against corvovirus-19. The report is currently available in 131 countries, providing a PDF file format that is easy to distribute and easy to understand by displaying various locations. Divided into six categories:
1 – Playground, Market, Museum, Library, Cinema…
2. Pharmacy shop
3 – Parks, Places, Places, Places, Places …
4 – Public transit station, bus stop, train station…
5. The workplace
6. Residence or residence

For example, in Cambodia, the report shows that during the last week, the number of people in the area, leisure and market areas decreased by 43%, theme parks decreased by 31% while Accommodations increased by 12%. This means that our population has reduced out-of-home populations, which is a good sign of reducing the incidence of cholera-19.

The main reason Google did this is because it wants authorities to take action on mobility or mobility of people anywhere. One can be too many, or it could be the shift in some travel times, as well as closure somewhere to avoid departure. And going to the same place too many times these It also helps in the prevention and control of the spread of Kov-19.