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Serie A: Italian Premier League & Italy Serie A announces return date to competition In early March, due to the global spread of the virus "Kov-19".

Premier League set to resume on June 17, 2020, three months after it was due. Suspended by the spread of the virus, the news was widely reported on Thursday by major UK news outlets Special BBC and Sky Sports.

BBC sources report that the first match in the league is Aston Villa against Sheffield United and Manchester City vs. Arsenal.

The full schedule will be played over the weekend of June (19-21) With the stadium closed, there are still 92 games left to complete the league.

In Italy, Sport Minister Vincenzo Spadafora said on Thursday that Serie A could be restarted. June 20, 2020 After a three-month absence in the country hit hard by the Kov-19.

After a videoconference conference with the Italian president, Spadafora said: "The technical and scientific committee agreed on the protocol and the federal government assured me that it had Plan B and Plan C to prevent the spread of This virus when football is back. "

The two major frameworks allowed teams to practice in teams with strict rules, especially testing Regular for all players, coaches and staff. (Taken from CNA)