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Phnom Penh: Five Cruise Ships Arriving in Cambodia | The Ministry of Health's Ministry of Health tests the health of all 200 crew members, staff and tourists with normal temperature and no virus. Kovit-19.

At around 9am on March 18, 2020, 34 Norwegian tourists also left for their homeland. Back to Phnom Penh International Airport and continue on to Thailand.

Phan dreams that for the return of tourists to their homeland is the company. Tourists suffer as tourists miss flights in Vietnam.

The remaining tourists will be leaving for the country on March 19.

On March 17, the Kemp Samnang international border checkpoint allowed five cruise ships to return. Return to Vietnam After Vietnam refuses to enter.

The five cruise ships – 1 AQUA MEKONG – carry 31 crewmen with three nationalities, the immigration police official said. The name RA LAN DIEP has a crew of 22 with 2 nationalities, and the name INDOCHINE has 24 crew members with 2 nationalities and 36 tourists with 2 Russian nationals. Male, 34 French, 19 female, The name RV TOUM TIOU II has 16 crew members with 2 nationalities including 6 tourists including 4 Canadians 2, 1 female, 2 Swiss. 1 person, 1 American, 1 Cambodian and 5 people The name INDOCHINE II has 29 crew members with 4 nationalities including 34 tourists including 2 Dana Mark 33, 17 women and 1 French.

After the inspection, the Immigration Police escorted the five vessels to Phnom Penh International Port.

Remember that Waiting in the middle of the river because Vietnam is not going to land on the worry of Kov-19