Battambang Cheam Chantha, 38, of Battambang, who won 50 million riel from a bottle of canned beverage, WURKZ Sok Get some bonuses and buy a mask to distribute to travelers on a new form of respiratory virus.

The motorcycle dealer in Maung Russey described the opening of the prize directly: “I think it was very fortunate and fortunate for me to win this 50 million riel. For I have thrown out the earrings, and I have not considered the prize. But as people were called out to pick up the earrings, they looked surprised when the village saw 50 million riel. Even my wife and children were unbelievable. "

He said: 'The 50 million riel, I would like to buy some gifts to distribute to people in Battambang province to prevent the recent outbreak of coronavirus. And some will celebrate your merits and expand their business now. ”