Phnom Penh, January 31, 2020 – Minister of Commerce Pan Sochua Presided over the launch of Go4eCAM, a new project focused on promoting e-commerce Particularly the real benefits of doing e-commerce by Cambodian SMEs.

In his inaugural address, the Minister said that the Go4eCAM project is a new initiative by the Ministry of Commerce to show potential and benefit. Realizing E-Commerce by Cambodia's Small and Medium Enterprises to Reach Markets and Big Customers by Using Technology and Increasing Sell ​​Zoom In Businesses and create new jobs. The idea of ​​this project is from the Ministry of Commerce's many initiatives to develop clear strategies and policies, including: The Business Integration Strategy (CTIS) 2019-2023, which identified the digital economy and the Industrial Revolution 4.0 as the source of new growth. In addition, the Ministry is also finalizing its e-commerce strategy, emphasizing the potential of e-commerce in Contribute to national economic development.

The minister added that the Go4eCAM project was at a time worthy of approval of the Commerce Law. E-commerce to benefit from e-commerce by small and medium enterprises, especially women and youth-led enterprises. The project will provide many other benefits, including increased productivity, innovation and innovation, business expansion and job creation in Cambodia.

Dr. Ratanakar Adi, Executive Director of EIF highly appreciates Go4eCAM project, especially for small business targets and Medium, especially women and youth-led enterprises. Cambodia is an exemplary country in the implementation of the EIF program and has provided best practices to other countries. EIF is proud of its continued collaboration with Cambodia on the Go4eCAM project and hopes the implementation will be smooth and fruitful.

On the occasion, the Minister also awarded certificates to 22 trainees from 10 countries in the Asia-Pacific region. Participated in the Regional EIF Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning (MEL) Workshop organized by the Ministry of Commerce and EIF Three days from noon January 29-31, 2020.

Please note that the Go4eCAM project approved by the EIF on January 29, 2020 will cost approximately US $ 2.5 million, with grants. The EIF is approximately US $ 1.5 million and the UNDP government budget and a number of private sector counterparts for a period of 30 months. The project is set for mid-February 2020, with three main components: 1) business environment for SMEs; – Focus on improving the business environment for SMEs to take advantage of one's B2B2C online marketplace The Ministry of Commerce, especially for v World cross-border e-commerce. 2) Skills and Entrepreneurship for E-Commerce: This initiative aims to strengthen the E-Commerce value chain and enhance the skills of entrepreneurship and finance for Small and medium enterprises with online presence in the B2B2C market. Credit and trade logistics and trade facilitation: Matching and matching SME's as well as start-ups Cambodia, which conducts formal E-Commerce business with local and foreign investors