Phnom Penh: The Garment Manufacturers Association of Cambodia (GMAC) claims that it regularly disseminates the measures of the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Labor to factories. Enterprises and workers to participate in the prevention and control of the spread of Kovid 19 19, in which each factory also stocks for Ready to provide workers when needed.

GMAC Deputy Secretary-General Kaing Monica told the Post yesterday that the mask for workers is the responsibility of the factory itself and for the safety of Through the factory, the association always disseminates all the guidelines of the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Labor, as well as translates from Khmer into English and Chinese for factory managers to understand.

"And the factory has also implemented by stockpiling enough masks to be ready to provide workers when needed together," he said. Some rules, such as measuring the temperature of workers and employees before entering the factory, properly followed, washing hands with alcohol And so on. ”

He stated that this procedure also applies to guests, auditors, inspectors and all authorities when visiting the factory, and if they do not comply. No security measures, the factory is not allowed to enter. GMAC does not have the authority to force factories to implement measures, but the association has a role to play in promoting what mechanisms And guidelines of the government and the Ministry of Health.

The president of the Cambodian Labor Union, Ath Thorn, told the Post yesterday that it was a good thing that GMAC had disseminated the Ministry of Health's guidelines. The association should continue to disseminate in collaboration with the labor inspection team to the factory, ensuring that the factory complies with the instructions. Of the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Labor.

"Companies should buy more alcohol masks and Kovid protective equipment to comply with the ministry's measures and should buy masks," he said. For workers to use and reduce workers in and out at the same time.

Ath Thorn wants factories to build more rooms and dining areas so that workers do not stay together too much. He said the Ministry of Labor should also have instructed truck drivers to reduce the number of workers from 30 to 20. In one car.

"In this circumstance, no matter how poor, our workers have to buy masks to wear and so far," he said. We have not seen any ministry or company help pay for the workers' masks. I think that in a month, workers and companies should help out half to buy masks for workers, because if there is an infection, not only Workers are affected, but there are also problems for the company. ”

Also, on Tuesday, December 8, GMAC and members donated 240,000 masks to the Ministry of Education to distribute to students. During the high school exam in January 2021. This is the second time that GMAC has provided a mask to the Ministry of Education. The first time was two months ago when GMAC provided a mask. 40,000 mass.

Ros Sovacha, spokesman for the Ministry of Education, said yesterday that the Ministry of Education would provide the health and safety equipment to units under the ministry. With practical needs. He also thanked and welcomed the cooperation from all stakeholders in all forms to continue to join the Royal Government in the management of prevention. And prevent the spread of Kovid 19.