The Garment Manufacturers Association in Cambodia (GMAC) has called on all buyers of Cambodian goods to work with us so that they can work together to solve the difficult problem while Cambodia is suffering from the disease.

According to GMAC's open letter on April 2, 2020, "The global epidemic of Covid-19 has caused a great deal of chaos for our lives and businesses. The Garment Manufacturers Association in Cambodia is calling on all buyers who buy from Cambodia to work with us so that we can solve this problem. ”

All parties in the global clothing supply chain are undergoing a serious burden caused by Covid-19. However, manufacturers (small factories) operating on a small income have very little capacity to carry such a burden compared to our customers.

The Association urges buyers to abide by the terms of their purchase agreement and fulfill their obligations by receiving the goods and paying for the goods already made and the goods currently being manufactured so that we can continue to provide employment. The 750,000 workers will give us the ability to pay workers and secure the lives of millions of Cambodians .

The association appeals to all buyers to maintain responsibility for suppliers and workers in our field.