Phnom Penh: The girl is a gangster girlFour people who were taken into custody by police yesterday were involved in a case of violence Girl at Phsar Deum Thkov college girl and posed for photos, social media, summoned party All involved parents and guardians for their relief and their parents or guardians He would like to ask for guidance and a non-stop contract in the future Parent and accomplice.

Bun Siaya, a day director for the Phnom Penh Municipal Bureau of Criminal Investigation, said yesterday that the Phnom Penh Municipal Department of Criminal Investigation said "The party has agreed," a local reporter told the media on Saturday afternoon Guilty and apologizing for the actions, victim and parent not complaining No, ask Have the tennis player make a pledge to stop it from happening again: education and contracts Made to all parents and guardians without any coercion. He added that in this case, the authorities did not send the case to the court because they All right Juveniles in the assembly line.

The prime minister added that after the apology was taken, the ministry continued to undertake education not to allow them to commit such inhuman or violent acts. And there should be no oppression on the victim's side.

The girl's parents also told the media that after the mediation was completed, the victim's family and the victim's family were received. Agree and receive $ 2000 in civil compensation.

According to the report, the termination of the lawsuit was filed by the girl's family, claiming that in this case all four of the child victims agreed to work. There will be no next time and a $ 2,000 fine to end the case and it will be feared that the authorities will send the case to the court. According to the victim's mother, the case was because he did not have enough time to file his case. Just end the party causing you $ 2.

Recall that in the afternoon of January 16, 2020, four girls were arrested by authorities Interviewed after leaked video clip shows they beat the kid A girl at Phsar Deum Thkov High School has a renewed interest in the public and the authorities Without delay, a quick search was completed, and all were prompt. Educate the victim's parents.

According to authorities, the victim, Srun Keo Morakot, 16, was in grade 8 of the original high school Thnak Khna at the market of Thmor Thkov market 3430. Four gang members learn A ninth grader, summoning three external opponents from the school Victims According to the victim's family, the incident took place on the afternoon of the 25th December 2019 at Phsar Deum Thkov High School, but this video just came crashing down. Her friend Louise Tote posted and posted later, this activity beaten on Body by He fell on his legs and head and threatened the victim further Didn't go to school because of a full blown body