Phnom Penh: A girl died at the scene, while another boy lost his left finger and suffered minor head injuries. The train crashed while they were asleep on the tracks at 4 a.m. on July 7. Born at Chrak Laeang Waterfall Resort Road, about 150 meters away, located in Ponmak Village, Chheu Tom Commune, Krakor District, Pursat Province.

Krakor District Police Inspector Em Run told the Post today that according to the traffic facilitation agency on the road. At 4:00 am on July 7, a train was traveling from west to west. Born. In the morning, it was reported that someone had been crushed by a train, killing a girl and injuring a boy.

The inspector said that the competent experts arrived at the scene and made a clear examination that the victim was The train grinds for sure. In this accident, one of the female victims was lying on the tracks and was crushed by the train. Another male victim was crushed by a train, breaking two of his left fingers and injuring his head. Little.

He said: "According to the relatives of the two children, they say only 3 hours 4 hours 2 people. It is out to walk to collect supplies. By the time he walks away, he is likely to be sleepy and sleepy. Every time the pool was fine, I just went to sleep, but until that day, the train came and crushed me. "We have thoroughly researched that case and it is not a case other than a grinding train."

According to the inspector, one of the two victims, a 13-year-old girl named Nhanh Et, died at the scene. Another 8-year-old boy named Nhanh Nhean suffered two broken left fingers and a head injury. Go for treatment at Chheu Tom Health Center. The two victims are siblings living in Cham Chas village, Chheu Tom commune, Krakor district. Pursat.

Mr. Em Run stated that at 10:00 AM on July 7, the bodies of the child victims were recorded and handed over to the authorities. Family to take to the traditional festival.
"It happened in the dark," he said. I found out the story at 6 o'clock in the morning and came down to check the sunset at 10 o'clock and got the real report. The upper level is all handed over to the victims' families. ”