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A 25-year-old woman from Poland has lost her right eye, according to Oddity Central. Completely wrong and serious problem in her left eye after she went to tattoo for the purpose of making a difference.

The tragic story of Aleksandra Sadowska began four years ago when a young girl from the town of Wroclaw, west of Poland decided to make her eyes black. Aleksandra started complaining of severe pain in her eyes immediately, but the tattoo artist Told her it was normal and advised her to use pain relievers.

In 2015, Aleksandra Sadowska underwent several reconstructive surgeries to save her right eye, but was unsuccessful and the specialist The ophthalmologist could not promise her that she would be able to see with her left eye for long.

The Daily Mail reports that the tattoo artist used ink designed for human skin tattooing Damage to Aleksandra Sadowska's eyes.

Despite facing total blindness, Aleksandra told a Polish reporter that she did not regret her decision. No. What she's sad about is choosing the wrong person to have her eyes tattooed. Excerpt from the website: odditycentral (Video source: Afera na dywaniku) (Editing by: Bopha)

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