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Even if you have heard the stories of successful millionaires without a bachelor's degree, Many billionaires go through the university properly before they reach the success they currently have. And in the United States, technology is a field that most billionaires are into. Half of the world's richest people, half have studied engineering or computer science. But some billionaires do something other than learn. The following are some of the skills that most high schoolers have in school:

1. Jeff Bezos:
He was the richest man in the world. Prior to becoming CEO of Amazon, Bees graduated from Princeton University in 1986 in electrical engineering and science. Computer after switching to physics.

2. Bill Gates:
Gates studied at Harvard University two years before leaving school in 1975 to form Microsoft with a friend. Classmates are Paul Allen. He was a law student at Harvard but also attended math and computer science classes. He said in a program with the Havard students in 2018 that if he chooses a major nowadays, he would Select Software or Artificial Intelligence.

3. Mark Cuban:
After night classes at the University of Pittsburgh, when he was a freshman in high school, Quebeen graduated. Last year, other friends. A year later, he moved to Indiana University because of a specialization that required him to pay the lowest price among the universities Who had all the business teaching programs at that time.

He holds a degree in Management and Administration from Kelley School of Business. He supports higher education, but he does not support masters education because he thinks that people now have many ways in it Online learning can provide a great experience. Edited by: Sokhuk