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Every year, financial magazines like Forbes and Fortune always include the world's billionaires. The Bloomberg Index is another indicator that measures the wealth of people around the world. But some of these companies' policies ban them from including some people on the list, even if they are wealthy Wealth too.
The following are some of the billionaires that are excluded from Forbes and Fortune lists:

1. The Royal Brune
Hassanal Bolkiah of Brunei worth $ 20 billion, according to Yahoo Finance . He is also reported to have 600 Rolls Royce vehicles.

2. Dawood Ibrahim
Ibrahim was charged in connection with a series of bombings in India in 1993. He has been in hiding ever since. He was a petty criminal before becoming the richest drug king in the world. He has a net worth of about $ 7 billion.

3. Kim Jung Un
North Korean leader not on Forbes and Fortune list because no one can assume his real wealth . But there are reports that he has about $ 5 billion in assets from hacking and sales The country’s natural resources.

4. Bashar al-Assad
The Syrian leader has led the country through the war for many years. He has a net worth of about $ 1.5 billion, but has moved his fortune to other parts of the world His net worth could be as much as $ 120 billion.