Sihanoukville: The Sihanouk Provincial Health Department is fully prepared For the prevention of a new type of pneumonia, the new type of coronavirus. Following the outbreak of the new strain of rotavirus, the virus in Thailand is on the Chinese tourists from Wuhan, China.

The Minister of Health and the Department of Communicable Diseases has set up a heat scanner at international checkpoints, while at Sihanoukville International Airport. Also set up a heat scanner on January 10, 20 to allow the search team to investigate new cases of suspected infections Tourism is visiting Cambodia at the international airport Preah Sihanouk Blocked for preventing viral transmission path breathe new types of country.

In the meantime, the Health Department has also set up a separate patient room in Sihanoukville International Airport and Provincial Referral Hospital and medical equipment and medicine. Also necessary for treatment.

China provides $ 1,55 million to the province to prevent the disease. BEIJING, Jan. 24 (Xinhua) – After the closure of the city of Wuhan, which has a population of 11 million, the foreign news agency reported on Wednesday. China closes Huanggang city, home to 7.5 million people in Hubei Province, China today approves $ 145 million emergency budget Hubei province is the main province of communicable disease Viruses Corona to help resist the disease out of the transmission.
The death toll from the disease has now risen to 25. There were 835 sick people, of whom 177 were seriously ill, and those estimated to have been infected were 10 7 2.
In Beijing, authorities have canceled all major festivals during the Lunar New Year, including messages. Monasteries, temples, temples and major towns.

Infectious diseases in China are contagious, but the WHO has not declared an emergency. BEIJING, Jan. 24 (Xinhua) – The death toll from the deadly pandemic of Corona in China has risen sharply, foreign news agency reported on Wednesday. 25 people
There are 830 cases.
China's Corona virus is spreading from person to person, but WHO's WHO said. The disease is a pandemic but in China it has yet to be declared a concern for the rest of the world.

Pass very fast! Infectious diseases in China have spread to Vietnam! The epidemic of the pandemic caused by the Corona virus from China has spread so fast that the disease has finally spread. To Vietnam, Singapore, Saudi Arabia and Hong Kong.
Two Chinese nationals living in Ho Chi Minh City have been found to be in China, foreign news agency reported. There is pneumonia caused by the Corona virus. He became infected with the virus after his father's visit to Wuhan, China. The two were hospitalized on January 17, after the last rash was found to be related to the condition.