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America angered by accusing US of plundering masses From China to Germany.

Daily Mail reports German officials attacked anti-American slogans for intercepting two masons. Sen, which he ordered from the 3M factory in China. Because the plant was owned by the Americans, it made it possible for the United States to intercept. Germany alleges that this is a modern theft.

In the past, America and France have been in a war that is neither nuclear nor armed. But the two countries have been arguing over a gas fight that was carried out of China by air.

The United States has denied allegations by a French politician of using a face mask to prevent a Ivory virus infection 19 was bought by the United States for three or four times as expensive.

US official was quoted by AFP as saying that the United States was not buying the right mass. Ship from China to France. This is incorrect information. The United States refused to do so after French politicians angrily accused the US of buying a spare plane From China to France.

Valerie Percée is angry with French politicians who are the head of the lie-de-France region, including Paris. The French said France had ordered massages from China and provided money when the goods arrived. They are only thinking about doing business while the world is struggling.

But another regional political leader, Jean Rothner, said the United States had given the money first. Not only the goods, but also the price several times the French price.