Oddly enough: Germany announces additional HALO Trust grant of 3.5 million Euros to clear landmines in Cambodia this year and next Cambodia to achieve landmine-free target by 2025

The announcement came as Christian Berger, the German ambassador to Cambodia, and Ly Thuch, Senior Minister and first deputy director of the Mine Authority Joint visit to a minefield in O'Smach commune, Samrong City on March 17.

The German Embassy on Wednesday confirmed: "Germany provides an additional EUR 3.5 million for mine clearance in Cambodia. 2020 and 2021. HALO Trust will implement this program.

Facebook quoted Christian Berger as saying: "Mine is a painful legacy of the past and still an obstacle. Development. We, together with the Royal Government and international partners, need to intensify our efforts to reach Cambodia's landmine target by 2025. "Germany is committed to continuing supporting the demining activities in the country to reach this goal."

The German embassy confirmed in a statement on Wednesday that the landmine had been cleared by a German-funded team. Last year will be used for growing cassava, cashews, corn, rice, rubber and mango.

“Nearly 1,500 tonnes of crops are grown annually on former cleared landmines,” the embassy said. "All of this by creating a stable and sustainable income for farmers and jobs for the community."

By February 2020, under the assistance of Germany, HALO Trust had liberated an area of ​​about 12 km Cells will find and destroy 3,421 anti-personnel mines, 127 anti-tank mines and 3,506 unexploded ordnance Seeds with beneficiaries More than 140,000 people.

"The German has provided HALO Trust clearance assistance to Cambodia since 2016, totaling € 7.25 million," said Mr Lith. Of that amount, € 2.5 million for mine action by 2020. '

Ly Thuch told the Post on Wednesday that German assistance was important in meeting the government's goals, which had officially announced that By 2025, Cambodia has no landmines.

He said that mine authorities must accelerate, strengthen and improve the effectiveness of demining activities in order to keep up with the plan. "This generous German aid played a vital part in the elimination of the masked murderers," he said. ».

“We need to use modern equipment that saves time and money whenever we clear our land faster and more efficiently. . So the new material, some of the materials that we give us to test the mines, it is already there. When we put it on the iron it gives the iron mark to the mine, it signals the mine. So it's fast. ”