Manila: The scarcity of security tools necessary for combating Kovirus 19 is fueling long-standing alliance tensions, with officials in France and Germany accusing the unnamed American of using them. An unfair way to get a protective mask.

According to the Blommberg Press Release, April 4, 2020, the German interior ministry blamed the United States for seizing 200,000 masks ordered by U.S. manufacturers when they Travel through Bangkok, Thailand. French officials have also accused the unidentified American of spending money to buy masks in China already reserved for France.

The US embassy in Paris said any suggestion that the federal government was involved in such practices was "absolutely false". However, there was no immediate response to allegations from the White House or the State Department.

"We think this is a modern pirate activity," said German Interior Minister Andreas Geisel. You cannot do this among transatlantic partners. Such a wild Western approach cannot be covered even during the global crisis.

Update: October