Stung Treng: Gen. Neth Savoeun urgedThe newly-appointed Stung Treng provincial police chief and provincial police forces are to exert their collective efforts to secure security. And crack down on all kinds of crime effectively.

On the afternoon of February 28, 2020, at the ceremony of appointment of the position of Stung Treng Provincial Commissioner, HE Gen Naw Savoeun, Deputy Commissioner General The National Assembly reiterated its recent commission to the new commissioners, especially when it comes to their work. Six points to work on The following are some of the following: 1- Be sensitive, understanding, responsible, responsible, and loyal Upstairs and downstairs in the unit visit the hospital or home when the downstairs is in disarray. 2- As the leader of the organization, it shall be appointed to the Provincial Secretariat to draw up a concrete plan for implementation that is not It is a statement that is concerned with issues of village-commune safety, drug problems and traffic. 3) To have the unity of the people working together to promote common values, to enhance the role of the brothers working in the place, rather than to put others in a place where it is difficult to do so. Getting to know each other. 4- Requests for the newly commissioned commissioner to feel strongly about the strengthening of inter-task force and inter-ministerial information. Includes troops, military police and police to provide state-of-the-art safety that can be addressed in a timely manner. Get up slowly. 5- To organize, reward, and reward professional officers who fulfill their duty to the society and the people for the examination. Namely, to raise the organization's flag as well as personal identities, identify those who have the potential to motivate them and unite. Complete the illegal operation to gain status and role . 6. To impose discipline and dignity on the moral high ground for the police forces serving the citizens with the necessary skills The law will impose discipline on any national police forces who commit wrongdoing, regardless of their major or minor status.

National Police Commander General Neth Savoeun also urged the newly-appointed commissioners and police forces throughout Stung Treng province. We must all work together to protect the security, safety and public service of the people, especially to prevent And crack down on all kinds of offenses High efficiency.

It should be noted that, as announced by the Ministry of Interior, Lieutenant General Ou Sivatha, Deputy Provincial Commissioner of Stung Treng, was appointed as Commissioner of Stung Treng Provincial Office. Retired Mao Dara ៕ By: Columbus