PHNOM PENH (The Cambodia Daily) Damage to right of door after being hit by car in full blast at 1:20 pm Skip to main | Thursday, February 13, 2020 at the B S intersection
Along Cambodian Road, Corner of Monivong Blvd and Monivong Blvd, in Monorom District, Khan 7 Makara, Phnom Penh.

According to local police reports, the silver-gray Camry White wearing the number plate Phnom Penh 2AY.1549 and the white rickshaw with no license plate By Eugh Duong Chhay.

According to sources at the scene, the first car was seen by a man and his four female passengers traveling along the road. Roads of Cambodia following the west-to-west speeding progress, upon arrival at the top of the road, suddenly a series of vehicles appeared. Rolls Royce Drive Along Monivong Road Directions From South Full-blown collision leads to a real Rolls Royce car, the right side door crashed, while the Hybrid Express suffered a crash. The front end was a little tight, but luckily, no one was around.

The owner of the Camry Hybrid has been suing for the apology of Oknha Chhay to apologize, but tycoon has not given up because his owner The Camry Hybrid drives a lot.

Later, the local authority came down and contacted the Phnom Penh police to measure the crime. Two vehicles to be kept in Phnom Penh's police headquarters in Phnom Penh awaiting settlement