Phnom Penh: After a number of people requested law enforcement to delay enforcement of traffic law pending the completion of Kov-19, Deputy Chief of Police of the National Police, Gen. Him Yan, said that enforcement of relevant road traffic laws was involved. There is a pre-Kov-19 scheme in place, so this step needs to be continued for safety on the way.

Recently, some residents expressed their full support for the Sub-decree on Interstate Penalties for Road Traffic Law, which will impose severe fines on violators, but citizens request that the authorities delay the implementation by waiting. The crisis of the Kuwaiti-19 crisis is over to allow people time to recover. People are experiencing a recession.

At a press conference on the "Roadblock Law Enforcement" on the afternoon of April 30, 2020, Mr. Heyan reminded that the fine of the Royal Government of Cambodia has provided the police with a 70% incentive reward, in addition to providing it. The Ministry of Economy and Finance said the fine was not meant to be funded by the people, but because Aims to reduce road accidents in the country.

"For our country, this Corona (Kov-19) is not dead, though it is an epidemic that the world is afraid of. The Royal Government of Cambodia seeks to prevent the death of our country," he said. And traffic accidents are dying every day. And the issue of the tightening of the law (traffic law) is not just today, but the project since October last year. 019 accident, having seen growth in 2019, skyrocketing Coruña project happen.

“When people pay a fine, they have to pay a police station near their home,” he said, adding that the cost of fines does not propose to deal with the level of injury treatment when accidents occur. Lots of money as well as time.

In addition, the deputy police chief also called on all car owners to take the vehicle for a technical check to avoid further fines.

The deputy commissioner of police warned that the traffic law states that if any traffic police breach their duty is legally punishable, citizens also have the right to go to court for any wrongdoing to take action. Legally.

On the occasion, Deputy Director General of the Ministry of Road Transport said, “We require a Class A driving license only for motorcycles with a capacity of 125 CC even though we have a CC license. You cannot drive a motorbike, ”he said.

He explained that 125 CC and up motorcycles must have a Class A driver's license and the vehicle must have a Class B driver's license. Also, if you have a Type A motor, you cannot drive a tuk-tuk or four-wheel drive. Other types of driving licenses are available.

Recall that from May 1, 2020, the police force is ready to enforce land traffic laws nationwide by 3,919 people and 568 targets.