Eng Hey, spokesman for the Royal Gendarmerie "Think, help, act and take responsibility," the June 13, 2020 speech said. Major Sao Sokha addressed a ceremony at Phnom Penh's Peace Center in the past.

He added that the general has always made good recommendations to educate the armed forces so that the generals can understand them in order to fulfill their needs. Proper duties, responsibilities, respect for professional ethics.

Recently, the general has issued a motto: "Think, Help, Do, and Be Accountable" in order to Each of the armed forces, each with its own role, responsibility, consideration of its own affairs and shared responsibility, should not wait to be ordered Have to find work to do, don't wait for the job to come to us.

"I understand that any task, if it is successful, will be worth it," he said. And each year, most of the same tasks are important, we are willing to put in the right order, clear planning, plus our knowledge, skills and expertise. "We will have a positive outcome."

By: Kolab